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Promoting Multicultural Conviviality Through Transversal Dialogues: An Action Research Project in the Schools of Norrköping


This project develops theoretical insights and methods for the purpose of aiding anti-discriminatory education to accommodate value conflicts in society. The project builds upon previous research that has identified value conflicts related to gender and sexuality as a challenge for education that seeks to combat discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities, in particular in situations where gender equality and sexual rights are articulated as 'Swedish' values.

The project employs qualitative methods and consists of fieldwork carried out in two upper secondary schools over a period of two years. The fieldwork follows an interactive research design where the researchers conduct classroom observations, interview teachers and students, provide feedback and, subsequently, develop the continuing practice in close cooperation with the participants. Drawing upon theories of feminist intersectionality and multicultural conviviality, the project seeks to promote reflexive knowledge among the participants, and to develop anti-discriminatory pedagogies that are inclusive and sensitive to diverse experiences and conflicting values among the participants.


Education, Intersectionality, Multiculturalism, Fundamental values, Equal treatment

Other Academic Output

Att främja mångkulturell gemenskap genom transversala dialoger: Ett följeforskningsprojekt i Norrköpings skolor. Presentation, Norrköping Municipality Research Festival, November 8.

2018 - 2020


Norrköpings kommun

REMESO Project Leader

Anna Bredström, Senior Lecturer

Participants not from REMESO

  • Dr Eva Bolander, Linköping University

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