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Partnerships, Anti-Discrimination and the Role of Immigrant Associations


The project focuses on the role of immigrant associations in combating discrimination. The project sets out from previous research indicating a need for a broader understanding of immigrant associations for the development of alternative strategies in education and the labor market, in order to advance the understanding of the conditions for partnerships between civil society, public and private sectors. The project examines partnership between public, private and voluntary actors through a qualitative study of Anti-Discrimination Agencies, (ADA) in Stockholm, run by immigrant associations. The efforts of the ADA to assist individuals who feel discriminated on the basis of gender, ethnic background etc., indicates the growing importance of ADA as actors in the field of social strategies for social inclusion. One of the preliminary findings indicates that activism among ADA as civil society organisations is based on delicate balancing between volunteer activism and adjustment to increasingly emphasized market exigency.


Civil society, Discrimination, Social exclusion/inclusion, migrant association, anti-discrimination


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Other Academic Output

Ålund A. (2009). Keynote "From Paradoxes of Multiculturalism to Paradoxes of Liberalism" at the international conference Nation-State, Immigration and Cultural Pluralism. Moscow, 18-19 September
Ålund, A. (2010). Participation at the workshop Migration and Labour Union, Nicosia, April 23-24
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2009 - 2013


FAS/FORTE Research environment funding

REMESO Project Leader

Aleksandra Ålund, Professor Emerita

Participants from REMESO

Magnus Dahlstedt
Nedzad Mesic

Participants not from REMESO

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