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Ethnicity in Preschool: Social Interaction and Institutionel Practice


Since the 1970s, preschool has been seen as an important place for ethnic integration. Yet, it has not been much investigated with respect to ethnicity aspects. This project aims to explore how ethnicity is accomplished in a number of Swedish preschools. More specifically it focuses on the interaction between children, parents and teachers, and how ethnicity is invoked and made meaningful in every day practices. Moreover, it maps the organizational framework for everyday interactions and practices, in relation to bilingualism and ethnicity. The project is planned as four sub-studies in order to reach a broader understanding of how ethnicity is constructed in different preschool contexts. A variety of methods will be deployed - focus group interviews as well as dyadic interviews, video recordings, participant observations, and analyses of documents - which all supplement each other. We believe that the project will deepen the knowledge about how ethnicity is accomplished in daily preschool interactions and practices. The project also aims to increase understandings of everyday constructions of ethnicity, which has relevance both for preschool teachers and for preschool teacher students.


Education, Ethnicity, Welfare , Preschool, Multilingualism

Other Academic Output

Paper presentation at the NERA-conference (Nordic Educational Research Association), Copenhagen March 2012

2009 - 2012



REMESO Project Leader

Sabine Gruber, Associate Professor

Participants from REMESO

Tünde Puskas

Participants not from REMESO

  • Fil.dr Polly Björk-Willén (project leader), Department of Social and Welfare Studies, Linköping Univ

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