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REMESO: Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society

REMESO develops a multilevel approach to the understanding of migration, ethnicity and society. Its projects relate individual experience, local community development and civil society to the restructuring of the labour market. These research and policy concerns are viewed through the lens of ongoing debates over the changing frameworks of citizenship and welfare in contemporary society. Thus REMESO’s research agenda includes the policy and practices of governments, public agencies, non-governmental organisations, the media, firms and trade unions, in terms of their consequences for labour migrants, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities. At the same time, these concerns are contextualised by national state transformations, the wider forces of globalisation and regional integration. REMESO's research also includes projects linking migration and ethnicity to post-colonial historical developments, education and health issues.

Long term funding is provided by Linköping University, by its Faculty of Arts and Sciences and by the Vice Chancellor's office. Moreover REMESO benefits from long-term financing through a research grant, 'Labour Market Restructuring, Migration and Social Inclusion’, provided by the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS). REMESO has also secured a number of external project grants from other bodies that allow for development of new research areas as well as the maintenance of the core thematic.
REMESO adheres to the ethical standards established by the National Research Council's and research Community. For additional information see http://codex.vr.se/ at the Swedish Research Council.

Here the Institute’s ongoing as well as recently concluded research is presented. The projects are organized in five thematic research streams:

  • Citizenship and Ethnic Relations: Social, Cultural and Historical Perspectives
  • Migration Welfare and the Political Economy of Labour Market Segmentation
  • Globalisation and the Reconstitution of Normative and Legal Frameworks
  • Post-National Strategies for Development/Growth, Inclusion and Diversity
  • Migration, Public Service and Health
The project data base is searchable by key word, free text, and individual researcher.


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